Northwestern School Corporation
Kokomo, Indiana

Northwestern eLearning is Here!

eLearning days will provide an opportunity for our students to learn in a self-directed manner outside the four walls of the classroom. This is an opportunity approved by the Indiana Department of Education and supported by the Northwestern School Board of Trustees.

  • The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) recently gave permission for school districts to apply for eLearning Days in response to making up days and time in event of inclement weather.  Our teachers have been working hard preparing and planning by integrating digital instructional materials and contingency plans for students when an eLearning day is called.  Learning activities could consist of participating in virtual discussions with classmates, working remotely with a partner or small group, watching an instructional video from either the teacher or another source, and creating a project. The teachers will provide information on how to complete the assignment or some type of learning activity using the school's learning management system eBackpack.  Teachers will be implementing practice eLearning days so that students are comfortable learning and experiencing the process.

  • eLearning allows schools to provide learning activities at home while having the ability to communicate with teachers and staff, during days that the school buildings are closed due to weather. eLearning allows for all to gain instructional time when schools are closed.

  • Northwestern School Corporation is dedicated to researching and finding ways to leverage 1:1 digital learning to ensure maximum student achievement. This will be accomplished by establishing the following goals:
    • Reduce the number of school days added to the end of the school year due to inclement weather days.
    • Provide maximum opportunities for students prior to the start of standardized testing, i.e. iSTEP, iREAD, ECA, and AP Testing.
    • Offer students quality experiences with digital learning that is a part of the College & Career Readiness standards
    • Increase teacher capacity to design and deliver quality digital instruction.
    • Continue to expand seamless learning delivered on days when school is unexpectedly cancelled.

  • The Northwestern teaching staff has created assignments for their students in the event we have a school cancellation. When you receive a school cancellation call from Mr. Ryan Snoddy, Northwestern Superintendent, it will be identified as an “eLearning Day”. 

    Students are to:
    • Complete all assignments assigned during the eLearning days.
    • Digitally submit all assignments that can be digitally sent during the eLearning day.
    • If connectivity is an issue, work on the items that have been digitally placed on your device. Submit your assignments upon returning to school.
    • If you need help on any digital assignment, please contact your teachers during normal school hours. Teachers will have communicated with students the best option to contact them thru email or phone. If a student has a technical issue, please contact TigerTech Support Room at 765-457-8101 x3576 (ELRN) or via email at
    • What if I do not have Internet access at home? While assignments may require Internet (not all will), there are several options for families without Internet access:
      • For some assignments the required files can be downloaded while at school in advance  
      • For some assignments, the student may be able to do the actual thinking/writing process while at home and then quickly upload it when they return to school. (For example, if the assignment is to write a response to a blog, the student could complete it in a word processor while at home.)
      • Parents may consider other options, like taking their child to a family member or friends who have access or to one of the many places with free public internet access.  
    Note: students will not be penalized if they cannot get Internet service, but they will be responsible for either doing alternative assignments or completing the work requiring the Internet while at school.
  • Teacher Expectations
    • Make contact with each student during the eLearning day.
    • Teachers must communicate with students regarding the best methods students should use to contact them during normal school hours.
    • Provide students with feedback.
    • For students with connectivity issues, please have them contact the TigerTech Support Room at 765-457-8101 x3576 (ELRN) or via email at make sure that they have reasonable time (up to 2 days) to complete the assignment upon return.

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