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  • Northwestern's story of technology integration in the classroom is not unlike that of many other schools across the state (or the country), looking for ways to expand the boundaries of learning both inside and outside of the school walls, in order to prepare our children for life beyond the classroom. We saw a handful of schools had already begun the process of a "One computer to One student", or 1:1 initiative and began our own discussion on how to approach the task of putting the best learning tools in our students' hands.

    During the 2012-2013 school year, Northwestern School Corporation began planning for the proposed implementation of a 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative in grades K-12. All students in grades K-2 were to receive iPad Minis, Grade 3 to receive iPad 2s and Grades 4-12 to receive iPad 4s. All teachers had received an iPad 4 in March 2013 and had begun participating in training to become familiar and comfortable using the device. In addition, teachers began participating in professional development to learn general and academic applications along with ways to implement and integrate in the classroom, along with visiting schools throughout the state that had already implemented the 1:1 initiative in order to witness the plan "in action". These visits proved extremely beneficial to staff, as they were able to actually see the practical use of iPads by students, watching them actively engaged with the teacher, the lesson plan, and their peers in an environment that only up to this point had been theoretical and abstract.

    We began our full K-12 1:1 implementation during the 2013-2014 school year and continue today in year three of our journey.  As in any journey you learn along the way as we have had to make adjustments to our integration strategies.  During the summer of 2015, we were able to replace an entire grade level of iPad 2s with iPad Airs.  Our next major refresh is scheduled during the summer of 2017.

    During our summer of 2015 technology project we have also been able to address many other areas of creating 21st century learning opportunities for our students with the addition of STEAM technologies in our district.  We look forward to bringing these technologies to our classrooms with the goal of transforming our libraries to innovative learning spaces for our students.
  • Below are some quotes of staff members after visiting other schools' classrooms:

    Visiting Garrett Elementary allowed me to see 1:1 in practice. I liked the small group approach that I saw in a 5th grade math class. It was the first time I felt "I can do this...I WANT to try this", instead of "how in the world is this ever going to work?" -  Terry Moore, 6th grade teacher NES

    After attending the visit to Danville High school, I really got excited for the possibilities of Northwestern going with the 1:1 [initiative]. We learned about the opportunities that I would be able to present current, up to date content about physical education and health to the students. I got super excited about the possibilities and opportunities of the students being able to work on the curriculum specific to their needs. It is really awesome that our school is going to do this next year and that our students will be able to get to experience it. - Robyn Whaley, Health/PE NMS

    I have visited Bluffton and Maconaquah Schools in our journey to 1:1 digital learning. What I liked about Bluffton was that the teachers were not demanded to use the 1:1 for everything, but were given the freedom to explore implementation on their own time line and at their own comfort level. After using a classroom set of I Pads and seeing what the 1:1 will provide for student access to content, I am excited and ready to launch my curriculum into the digital world! - Jeremy Leazenby-Bruce, Science NMS

    I was able to go on all the school visits. I was struck the most with ALL of the different ways iPads were being used to enhance student learning. Across all grade levels, teachers were effectively integrating technology into their daily curriculum. I was also impressed with our staff members on the visits. Our teachers were continually finding and creating ways for the iPad to be used in their own classrooms. Our teachers came away with a much better grasp of a blended learning atmosphere. - Todd Miller, Technology Integration Specialist

    The school visits were instrumental in the success of the 1:1 initiative. Educators needed to see how others implemented the rollout of their devices, including the challenges along the way. Using those lessons, we are able to avoid making the same mistakes others made. Additionally, seeing teachers and students using iPads in ways we couldn't imagine was so important in convincing teachers that 1:1 is indeed possible and practical. - Ron Owings, Principal NES

    More teacher comments can be found in the School Visit Teacher Testimonials section.

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